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    FL Data Entry Quality

    FL Data Entry Services adheres to a strict, stringent QA and Auditing procedure so as to ensure maximum accuracy and highest quality.

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    Develop Your Business

    We are keen that you derive the maximum benefit out of the outsourcing facility. Our offshore facility sees to it that we are able to guarantee you a substantial cost saving.

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    Create Your Business Strategy with Us

    Florida Data Entry has a full complement of trained, experienced and qualified staff that will handle everything from programming to data input, validation and quality controls to ensure 100% satisfaction for each client.

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Florida Data Entry Your offshore back office!

Data Entry Services, Data Processing Services, Data Conversion Services, Scanning and Indexing Services, OCR Conversion Services, E-Book Conversion Services, Web Research Services and Transcription Services. You name it and we do it with efficiency, in time and at surprisingly affordable costs.

Offering superlative outsourcing back office services, Florida Data Entry is your one stop, reliable and trustworthy partner for affordable yet superior quality wide-ranging solutions. Let us handle all routine data related services and focus on your core business. Utilize your manpower resources, time and money in a better way and achieve even more productivity when we offer full-fledged professional support in a way that regular employees simply cannot. We keep on our toes all the time so you can relax and further your business without worrying about lengthy, time-consuming, labor intensive and expensive back office data processing operations.

Florida Data Entry has a full complement of trained, experienced and qualified staff that will handle everything from programming to data input, validation and quality controls to ensure 100% satisfaction for each client. We customize each process for each client to suit his objective and align ourselves to carrying out data processing tasks according to their preferences, working hours and budgets. We take in raw data in the form of documents or voice and transfer it into the desired data format required by you.

Trust us. We serve hundreds of medium and large organizations worldwide, drawn from insurance, banking and corporate as well as institutional sectors with absolute fidelity and professional quality. Rely on us for speed, accuracy, professionalism and affordability.

Data entry services: online data entry, offline data entry and XML data entry

Data processing: Forms processing, insurance claim processing and check processing

Data conversion: HTML conversion, PDF conversion, Image conversion

Scanning and indexing: document scanning and indexing with online document management

OCR conversion: Printed document scanning covering OCR and ICR and conversion to a format desired by clients

Web Research: Includes data mining and web research for statistics related to markets, competitors, pricing and other parameters

E-Book conversion: convert any document including images to well laid out, cross referenced and indexed e-book accessible on all devices

Transcription service: Voice to text transcribing for scientific research fields including medical transcription

Our key strengths are people, infrastructure and technology. We have a staff of experienced, disciplined and dedicated people trained to deliver absolutely professional services. Our office and workplaces are modern, fully equipped and provide a safe and secure environment for handling confidential data processing tasks in absolute privacy and security. Data processing is enhanced by the application of customized programming, tailored to suit individual preferences of each client. The result is genuine customer satisfaction and retention. We have been serving customers year after year and they still prefer us because we have proven ourselves on all counts. You will find us flexible and adaptable, innovating and developing solutions as your needs change or grow.


Data Entry Services

Data Entry is important and essential for every business enterprise to cut down raw data and process them systematically and effectively to generate results with higher proficiency.Our accuracy is 99.99%.

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Data Processing Services

Data processing pertains largely to IT enabled services dealing with collection, converting, digitization and processing raw data existing in an unrefined form to a rather valuable knowledge based resource.

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Data Conversion Services

Florida Data Entry provides an exclusive and flawless Data Conversion Service from India. Our services are done with maximum efficiency at a margin of no less than 99.995% accuracy.

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Document Conversion Services

Florida Data Entry possesses an excellent infrastructure, good communication and experienced staff. We recruit only people with a keen eye for details and carry an earnest attribute in research.

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Data Mining Services

Florida Data Entry is the ultimate choice to fulfill your transcription requirements.We hold a rich supply of resources consisting of rigorously trained personnel and high tech software/tools.

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Industries Served Services

We provide indexes with improved cross reference ability to yield faster and accurate results. Our document scanning approach is outfitted for both manual data entry as well as high speed OCR/ICR mode of scanning.

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