About us


Florida Data Entry started off about a decade ago offering basic data entry and processing services. Since then we have acquired a reputation for reliability, accuracy, quality of services, reliability, security and the right pricing.

From a small data entry firm with a few prople on its payroll, Florida Data Entry has grown into a large organization handling a variety of data related services with a global footprint. We have complete office infrastructure with high speed internet and a secure, networked computer setup. We have hundreds of people working for us in various departments, handling data processing, data conversion, programming and customer relationship.

At Florida Data Entry, the emphasis is on providing speedy, quality services at affordable prices, providing an unbeatable alternative to traditional data handling. Each client receives customized services in a flexible arrangement that works out to mutual advantage. Our assistance proves invaluable in aiding medium and large enterprises focus on core businesses and thus improve cash flows, reduce costs, save on time and labour and enhance their bottom line.

Reliability and trust are the other key issues. When companies outsource data handling to us, they want to be assured of continuing services of the highest quality. We match and exceed expectation on each count and provide full support throughout the service period and even beyond.

Data safety and security, for us, is another important concern. At Florida Data Entry we take special precautions to ensure that your precious and confidential data remains highly secure and safe.

Our strength lies in our professional teams, solid infrastructure and the years of experience we have built up to manage any volume of data safely, securely and competently to a client’s expectation. Since we process huge amounts and have well established facilities, we can offer outstanding services but at far lower costs. We pride ourselves in providing total data solutions to each client exactly the way they want by leveraging our expertise. As a client, you may be located anywhere in the world but you can leave it to us to give effective and efficient services.

Our mission is to become your business assistant and provide exceptional data services, ease business operations, help you achieve your objectives and assist you in succeeding in an extremely competitive environment.

We aim to be leaders in our segment of IT operations and continually upgrade technologies and hardware in our never ending pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction

Why Choose Florida Data Entry?

We believe in personalized services, highest level of skills and technological competencies and absolute customer satisfaction. When you choose us, you are assured of continuing services, year after year, unlike others who vanish and leave clients high and dry. We follow ethical practices and keep all data safe, secure and absolutely confidential. Our prices are low, we work fast and offer quickest turnarounds, giving the highest ROIs. We innovate, we customize and we achieve results.

Contact Us

Please contact our service representative and discuss how Florida Data Entry can partner your back end operations to give you a cutting edge in a competitive global arena. Contact us or drop us an e-mail at info@floridadataentry.com