Case Study

Converting the financial information and digitizing the information

Recently, we were approached by a US client who was a carrying out a research at one of the reputed universities in the US. The client was engaged in gathering and analyzing the information since the 1960s.

The client was seeking for an assistance in analyzing nearly 150 financial books (online) which were not in an editable format. They faced a challenge in extracting specific information from these sources. They were impressed with our previous projects and a large amount of industrial experience and were also highly satisfied with our trial work.


The client had to analyze nearly 150 books and more than 1000 various companies. As these books were not in an editable format, a bulk amount of manual data entry has to be carried out, which could possess the threat of various errors. They did not have a clearer idea about how to go around with the process, hence, we had the responsibility to fix an appropriate methodology.

Our Best Solutions

At Florida Data Entry, we have an expert team who created an excellent indexing system to improve the extraction of the specific information in an in-depth and accurate way. Our QC (quality check) team also reviewed the quality of the data which was entered manually and ensured the accurate and consistent recording.

The Final Outcome

This project has its own innovative prerequisites which were not found in the previous projects handled at Florida Data Entry firm. Our team had a great knowledge of the US language (including grammar), thus, accurately identifying and entering all the data from the online financial books. The client appreciated the outcome to a core and had assigned the next project with complete satisfaction.

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