Case Study

Data Processing Needs

Our client was settled in the UK and he owned and controlled a home appliances shopping firm. The company focused on selling a unique variety of home-based products via their home shopping services to all the globally settled clients. They have been in the business for the past 25 years. Their product includes toys, clothing, homeware, etc.

During the first phase since inception, the firm delivered the physical copy of the catalogs to the home. But with the growth of the company, they created an online shopping website to increase their sales and to reach out to their target audiences easily.


They faced a concern with their data processing area. As their sale of the products increased, they faced a difficulty in processing these orders within a short time. The client wanted to enhance his business efficiency and productivity by improving and taking their order management to a next level. They wanted to process the data from the online data entry forms submitted by the clients.

Our Solutions

We effectively carried out the analysis of the project requirement in order to understand and gain an in-depth knowledge about the client’s expectations. We created a team of six members who were expert in the required area. Before initiating the project, we held frequent in-house training so that they can deliver accurate output. We ensured to carry out the data processing task efficiently and uploaded the completed output files to the database of the clients.

The Final Outcome

The output was amazing as we processed nearly 5000 forms per day and helped our client to save nearly 50% of the cost. The initial number of forms processed per day was nearly 500. The client was highly impressed with our output delivered at a reasonable cost.

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