Case Study

Data Processing for the Survey Forms

The client was a leading document management firm who was settled in the US since past 20 years. They were going through a challenging phase while dealing with the data processing for a bulk amount of survey forms.

Need of the Client

They were in search of a service provider who would easily process nearly 30000 survey forms in one week. They were aware of our data processing services including our specialized survey form processing. That’s how they ended up with us. They also wanted us to update the database so that they can store the complete information about the clients.

Major Challenges

The gathering and analyzing process of the data was quite a cumbersome and challenging task. We formed a team of experts who had a good amount of experience in the survey form processing projects. They efficiently processed, cleaned, and validated the data collected. Within a short time, we processed a large amount of data with 100% accuracy. The data was captured in a raw format from both the structured and unstructured forms. It took a lot of time for better access. Our QC team ensured that the data processed is accurate and free from any errors. Most of the data was also collected from the handwritten forms. We gave or complete focus in analyzing and gathering the data from various forms and ensured the validity and authenticity. Before initiating the project, we made sure that we understood the needs of the clients thoroughly. We captured the various details such as the details of the potential customers, etc. The data was organized and entered into an Excel form so that it could be easily accessed in the future. All the duplicated and irrelevant data was efficiently removed.

The Final Outcome

Our team of data and survey processing experts who undertook this project successfully delivered the output before the mentioned time. We ensured 99.9% accuracy in the output delivered and the client was highly impressed with the input provided by us.

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