Data Processing


Data Processing

Data Processing is an inevitable part of digitization of organizations. You get the data in the digital form through various forms of data entry. But as long as they remain raw, very little can be made out of such data. Data needs to be processed in the right way to be useful for analysis and decision making. Even for reporting, the input data has to be processed and displayed in a particular format to make sense. Large or small volumes, all types of data have to be processed to be utilized for reporting and various other purposes. We offer a wide range of data processing services such as:

Image Processing

Even if your company has nothing to deal with images, sometimes image processing can be crucial to your organization’s processes. Image processing involves a wide range of services including image scanning, various essential and advanced photography and image editing services, watermarks and 3D image processing other than the basic editing works such as color and contrast corrections, cropping the background etc. You can use the edited images for all your marketing, presentations, and on your websites with proper copyrights. Read More...

Word Processing

Content processing and word processing are essential to all businesses. Word processing services will include content processing for blogs, website, marketing media, and communications other than data formatting and cleansing. Even resume processing and typesetting can be a part of word processing services. Word processing services make sure that the information is available in the right format and accurately. Read More...

Insurance Claim Processing

Insurance claim processing is crucial to the insurance companies to retain their clients and fast claim processing which is essential to keep those clients coming back with more business. Depending on each insurance company, the claim processing steps may slightly differ, but for each country, the basic steps for insurance claim processing will be the same. This includes claim processing for life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, general insurance and fire insurance. Read More...

Check Processing

Check processing services include verification of the account holder, check status, credibility checking of the client etc. Checks are electronically processed like the credit cards online. This ensures check clearing which will be faster also. Different levels of verifications of the client and his / her account are done before the check is processed. Check processing is essential for reduced risk. Read More...

Form Processing

Form processing involves customer, invoice, order, feedback and all sorts of forms you will find online. It could even be email forms, patient record, payroll processing and much more. Our services in forms processing include designing the optimal form that would get maximum information from the user. We present it such that the user finds the form interesting and encouraging filling. Such information can be useful in defining target audience and even product catalogues. Read More...

Survey Processing

We conduct various types of market, web and customer surveys to provide crucial information to the organization about the market conditions, demands, their position in the market, the possibilities of a potential market, and online research on various aspects, customer feedback and surveys etc. We design and develop survey forms and conduct online and offline surveys. We also provide the organization with survey analysis and outputs. Read More...

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