Data Standardization Services

Data Standardization Services

Data Standardization Services

What Is Data Standardization

Data Standardization has been defined as the “process of achieving agreement on common data definitions, representation and structures to which all data layers must conform.”

In other words, data standardization attempts to identify the data sets that can be standardized after assimilating the data received from multiple sources and in multiple formats. This service demands for formidable logical mapping and flawless programming.

Florida Data Entry’s Data Standardization Services

Florida Data Entry is the pioneer in online data entry and data conversion services. Our back office staffs are highly capable of handling various data processing operations like forms processing services; Insurance claim processing services, microfilm conversion service and many other outsource data conversion services.

Our Data Standardization Services are the best in class services and we follow the global standards to render these services. Like how the definition processes for templates are done in technical documentation, similar precision will adhered to by us in data standardization process.

The smart and highly skilled employees of Florida Data Entry can make this cumbersome process in to an easily assailable task. Our intelligent technologies enable us to deliver the projects in time-bound fashion.

How Do We Do It

While undertaking the data standardization services, we study our customers’ individual requirements and we understand their processes too. No two customers would be identical and hence our teams spend enough time for each customer and then identify the scope of work. The same shall be shared with the customers and we seek their concurrence before proceeding to take up the project for execution.

In nutshell, we collect the data from multiple sources, map them by combining, do the segmentation, merge and purge and then cleansing. Finally we create hygienic database that works efficiently for our customers. Thus our data standardization service includes data cleansing as well.

Quality Assurance

We, at Florida Data Entry, stand for 100% quality assurance. Our stringent quality checklists will ensure the data integrity, maximized efficiency and best utilization of objectivity in accomplishing the given tasks. Our internal quality audit team ensures that the data standardization team has followed every protocol defined in our quality books. We strive for continual improvement and that is how we assure our clients about the quality of our works.

Benefits of Data Standardization

Data standardization improves the efficiency of the database and achieves commonality of it whereby the company, employees, vendors and clients are highly benefitted and add consistency and transparency at every level of business operation.

USP of Florida Data Entry

There are plenty of business process outsourcing companies only to give competition but only those whose USPs are really unique will sustain the business. Florida Data Entry’s USPs is Quality, Data Security, Objectivity, Uncompromising Integrity and Unbeatable Pricing.

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There are many advantages to the customers in offshore data entry outsourcing to a leader like Florida Data Entry. Customers can save time, expenses and engage themselves in improving their core business. They can leverage on our expertise and focus more on their core competencies.

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