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Ebook Data Conversion Services

e-Book Conversion Services

Florida Data Entry is in a class apart when it comes to data conversion, data processing, back office services, online data entry, web data entry and a variety of world class data related services. One service we specialize in is e-book conversion.

We can take in raw text and convert it to superbly formatted, multiple device friendly, highly readable, attractively laid out with the right mix of graphics and font selection to give value addition to your work. Whether it is books you need to be converted to e-books, manuals, white papers or just about any business, academic, scientific, engineering, industrial or even entertainment and commercial text, leave it to experts. Florida Data Entry has specialists in e-book conversion services. The e-books we create not only have a unique look and feel but are compatible with popular eBook readers such as Kindle, Mobipocket and others. We offer standard and enhanced epos conversion along with graphics and title page creation too, if you want it. A number of authors have successfully launched their e-books on Amazon and similar portals. Apart from e-book conversion we also offer flash flip book services for presentations.

When we take on e-book conversion, we format it and create a layout that mimics a real book with indexes, cross references and even bibliography where necessary, with additional cross linking to enable readers to switch back and forth with ease. The inputs may be electronic text, printed books, microfilm, microfiche or any other. When it conversion of printed books to digital format, we take special care to maintain the same style. There is more flexibility in converting electronic formats such as word documents and PDFs since we can do much more to give enhanced e-book conversion services.

Regardless of the extent of our sophistication, we assure timely deliveries of even voluminous work. Our rates are reasonable and our quality is world class. With Florida Data Entry handling your e-book conversion, you can be sure on all counts of quality, delivery and affordable pricing.

Whether you are a publishing house, a budding author, a veteran writer, a business or an industry that needs e-book conversion, simply get in touch with us. Our friendly and helpful staff explains the process, understand your needs, give you the best quote and deliver fastest.

Florida data entry is known for its accuracy and thoroughness in all of its BPO outsourced India based services. We aim at providing regular services on a long term basis and assure continuity since we are a well-established business organization with solid roots. We have flexible pricing policies based on volume of work and extent of e-book conversion services required. In any case, you can never go wrong when you choose us; we are committed to professional services and customer satisfaction. E-books are books of the future and we are fully abreast of all technologies to give you quality services at the right prices.

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Ebook Conversion Services