E-Mail Validation Services


E-Mail Validation Services

Email is the most economical, fastest and effective way of communication. It carries not only text information but takes attachments too. That is why email has been embraced as the most favorite interaction mode.

But business organizations needs to focus a bit more on email system as it can hamper their networks by carrying viruses and can be the vassals of spamming and phishing. Also, as large corporate houses need to maintain millions of email ids of employees, vendors and customers there are plenty of chances for duplications, improper format and syntax errors. All these can make the corporate email system inconsistent and inaccurate.

E-mail Validation Services from Florida Data Entry can correct all the aforesaid shortcomings of email systems of companies irrespective of their sizes. Florida Data Entry is the leader in the business process outsourcing and it outsourcing. We provide various online data entry works, excel data entry services, image data entry, handwritten data entry, data cleansing and scrubbing services and many other allied works.

How Do We Do E-mail Validation

We have developed such a foolproof system for email validation which has always yielded great results for our customers.

Before validating the emails, we perform following removals to ensure the safety and security of our customer’s email system and network:

  • We remove emails that are improperly formatted and/or with wrong syntaxes and/or duplicates.
  • Removal of role account emails like info@, sales@ etc.
  • Removing email bounces by comparing them with the huge database of hard bounces.
  • Removal of emails with bogus and black listed domains. We have an exhaustive database of such domains.
  • Removal of spamming mail ids by comparing them with our complainer’s database.
  • Removal of one time email ids that generally used for some promotional sign-ups or for a mere bypass.

Validation process will carried out with cutting edge technologies and our multipronged systems will ratify the authenticity of the mail ids in a safe and secured way.

Our system is capable of:

  • Saving time and money to our clients by reducing the costs and time spent by them to identify the erroneous mail ids.
  • Eradicating fake registrations particularly in websites having online subscription forms.
  • Enhancing mail deliverability and thereby ensuring the email campaigns engaged by our customers can become successful.
  • Improving customer support levels of our customers to their customers.

Florida Data Entry is not just the best in offshore outsourcing services but also a master in providing world class email validation services.

There are many advantages to the customers in offshore data entry outsourcing to a leader like Florida Data Entry. Customers can save time, expenses and engage themselves in improving their core business. They can leverage on our expertise and focus more on their core competencies.

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