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Forms Processing

Florida Data Entry is your virtual back office assistant, a BPO data entry India based service that offers end-to-end data conversion and data processing services of every conceivable kind under one roof. Managed by professionals, well-structured and professionally organized with a large workforce of trained personnel, we are your trusted partner when it comes to data processing, especially forms processing services at a fraction of the price without compromising on quality or timely completion.

We process forms of all kinds ranging from invoices to insurance claims, questionnaires, surveys and similar labor intensive tasks. As a trusted and reliable offshored data entry India based service, we offer complete digitization services for forms. With vast experience in this sector our professional, experienced staff extracts data and creates usable databases with optimal reports and statistical analysis if required. We can do manual data entry or use ICR and OCR technologies for speedy conversion of hand filled forms with check boxes into databases. These databases are then indexed and organized according to a client’s requirements and delivered securely, assuring full confidentiality from start to finish.

Commonly addressed form data processing services cover the following areas:

  • Invoices, Receipts, vouchers, payrolls
  • Insurance forms, claim forms, bank forms
  • Market research surveys
  • Order fulfillment, inventories, online form processing
  • Resumes, application forms

Form Processing Pathway

  • Discuss form processing with clients, understand their needs, define methodology to suit client’s objective;
  • Design electronic form to collect data or follow the ICR/OCR path to gather data, organize it and generate reports with quality checks for accuracy and compliance to standards at each stage
  • Deliver through secure FTP or electronic media

How do you benefit by outsourcing to Florida Data Entry?

Florida Data Entry has a well established reputation as a BPO back office or back office service provider offering quality and trusted services. We assure continuity of work, safety and security of data and timely completion of tasks the way you want them. Taking the raw data we convert and create a finished data base that can be used without spending further time on processing. Our involvement has saved thousands of man hours. Once we take over operations, you can use your existing manpower for more productive, profit generating tasks that will propel you ahead in a competitive market place. Our affordably priced forms processing solutions along with offshore data entry outsourcing services effectively serves as your back office with dedicated staff always available for help and support whenever needed. Since we have experience and expertise we can implement a project in the shortest time and ensure timely completion. Simply leave it all to us and focus on your business without worrying about staff problems, absenteeism, rising wage bills or any other distracting factors. We are also committed to business continuity. Once you downsize, you do not have to worry that we might stop operations; we are too well established and concerned about clients as well as our reputation. We are flexible and negotiate terms that result in amicable, long term relationships that foster growth and prosperity

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