Handwritten Data Entry

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Handwritten Data Entry

Florida Data Entry is specialized in handling turnkey online data entry projects of any size. Our expert staffs are capable of handling enormous volumes of works and our robust in-built mechanism, software tools and operational excellence will ensure the quality and time-bound deliveries.

Ever since the business process outsourcing gained prominence, many business processing outsourcing companies have come up on to the stage to offer their services. But very few companies like Florida Data Entry could able to make their presence felt for last several years.

Why To Use Handwritten Data Entry?

Most of the times useful information will be written down on papers, notebooks, scribbling pads etc. and the same need to be transformed in to digital formats for future usage. Also, the old information of companies that have been in to the business for decades would have been recorded in manually written books, ledgers, folios etc. These manual records cannot be preserved for long time and they can wither away due to environmental effects.

To retrieve the vital information from handwritten documents and to digitize them for further usage is essential and business critical too. Handwritten Data Entry is thus helpful to the individuals and corporateas well in preserving the data.

Handwritten Document Types

We have handled, so far, many types of handwritten documents like

  • Handwritten manuals
  • Handwritten journals
  • Handwritten papers
  • Handwritten addresses
  • Handwritten calculations
  • Handwritten data sheets
  • Handwritten medical reports
  • Doctor’s prescription
  • Handwritten work orders

The above are the most popular types of documents and are widely used ones in Handwritten Data Entry services. But we have handled various other types of handwritten documents like financial statements, balance sheets etc. and have successfully converted them in to digital formats.

How Do We Do Handwritten Data Entry

We are experts in Handwritten Data Entry works and have the complete wherewithal of this service. Our trained data entry operators will scan the handwritten documents in to various digital formats like PDF, JPG,TIFF, GIF and BMP. Thus we ensure the safety and security of the documents shared by the customer. Our expert team does the data entry from the handwritten documents and then converts the data in to digital formats like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint etc.

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Quality Assurance from Florida Data Entry

We assure 100% quality of work that we undertake and also assure 99.99% accuracy in data conversion from handwritten documents to digital formats. The expertise and experience of our teams are par excellent and go beyond the standard expectations. Thus we ensure 100% customer satisfaction by rendering flawless and speedy services. These qualities have made us the pioneers in data entry bpo services.

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Please contact our service representative and discuss how Florida Data Entry can partner your back end operations to give you a cutting edge in a competitive global arena. Contact us or drop us an e-mail at info@floridadataentry.com