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Insurance Claim Processing

Florida Data Entry has a reputation as a quality online data entry and offline data entry service provider in addition to being the total BPO back office services you will need for your business to have that solid support so necessary in today’s environments. For insurance companies, their reputation lies in the way they process claim forms. Deluged as they are with hundreds of claims each day, insurance companies find it expensive and frustrating to carry out expensive processes in-house with consequent delays due to limited staff. This is where Florida Data Entry, a leader in quality and extremely fast insurance claim processing comes to your aid and transforms your insurance business

A concern about outsourcing insurance claim processing is about accuracy. When you outsource insurance claim processing to Florida Data Entry, the prime BPO-back office or back office process services provider, you do not have to worry. Our insurance claim processing team has knowledge experts familiar with country-specific insurance laws and claim processing methods. We process the complete case history and present output data in a form that helps you to take precise, accurate and correct decisions that satisfy clients and achieve your insurance company’s objectives. Whereas in-house staff may be able to process limited claims each day, Florida Data Entry, with a huge complement of knowledgeable, skilled and experienced staff can handle voluminous claim forms in the shortest possible time. The results are a startlingly dramatic turnaround in the way you process claims, positively affecting your reputation and business standing. We insure your success.

How it works

Each insurance company, while following general country specific laws in relation to insurance policies and claims, also has its legacy infrastructure and method of processing and settling claims. We dedicate specific teams for each client, with staff who are knowledgeable about that country’s insurance laws. Both teams discuss modalities and decide on the process to be adapted, extent of services and objectives of outsourcing claim processing. This is followed by implementation where we commence handling claim forms and process each, analyzed in-depth with reports that aid precisely accurate decision making.

We form an effective, synergistic partnership that relieves you of a burden, assures faster throughputs, reduces expense and helps you achieve higher productivity. Since we are established we assure continuity of services. At the same time we take care of archiving data and keeping it safe and accessible securely at all times. We engender trust through total reliability. Since we are offshored with lower operational costs and lower wage bills, we can offer the same level of professional services at a fraction of the cost, considerably enhancing your productivity and bottom line.

Florida Data Entry offers total online data entry, offline data entry, back office services, excel data entry, manual data entry, data processing and data conversion services. Our muffin-faceted capabilities not only help in the defined claims processing segment but can also help you in other departments as well. Get in touch and discuss your claim processing requirements. It could lead to more involvement, better efficiencies and higher profits.

Insurance Claim Processing Services

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