Mailing List Cleanup Services


Mailing List Cleanup Services

Mailing list is an essential tool for digital marketing. It contains the list of email ids of existing and / or probable customers to whom email correspondence, newsletters and other promotional content in the digital format are sent. Organizations usually collect email ids through various marketing and promotional activities or buy the mail ids from various 3rd party resources. These emails are collected over a long period of time and sometimes may contain obsolete and unused email ids. A good percentage of email ids sourced from 3rd parties are bound to be spam and this will be of no use to your email correspondence and promotions. Moreover, when your mailing list contains millions of mail ids, if a considerable number of mails are bounced, you are unnecessarily paying for them.

Mailing list cleanup services help the organizations to clean up the mailing list of unused and spam email ids. Mailbox validation is a must for organizations that depend heavily on digital marketing to reach out to their existing and potential customers. Moreover, the more customers mark your mail as spam, the more it affects your online reputation. Ultimately, your website may be penalized or even banned by the search engines from being enlisted in the SERPs. Sometimes, the customers themselves make mistake while providing their email ids and such incomplete or invalid mail ids are identified and removed from the list.

We verify the mail ids and create a fresh list of customers who are interested in receiving your emails with their valid mail ids. We check each and every mail id and get their feedback on whether they are interested in receiving your newsletters or not. We remove the inactive subscribers by reconfirming with each and every email id in your list. We make use of more than 10 email validation tools and many more quality procedures to provide you a valid list of email ids that will not mark your mail promotions as spam. Our Mailing list cleanup services make sure that your email correspondence and promotions reach the existing and prospective customers correctly in their inbox so that they can see the available options and go ahead with the purchase. We also provide our services periodically to make sure your email id list is clean over a period of time and also delivers in the inbox instead of spam or junk folders.

We provide our clients with a complete list of valid email ids that can be used for all further email marketing activities. We also provide a report on the email cleansing services conducted so that you can find out the better sources of valid email ids and avoid the 3rd party email id providers who provide you with more spam and fake ids. We also categorize and list out the mail ids based on the validations they have cleared such as bad to highly valid email ids where the bad list contains the failed email ids and the highly valid ones are the ones completely validated.

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