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OCR Data Conversion Services

OCR Conversion

Florida Data Entry, the one stop offshore data entry outsourcing, bpo and back office services provider offers precisely accurate OCR conversion services with guaranteed fast turnaround times at affordable prices. We employ latest OCR software’s, high speed scanners with a full complement of qualified and trained staff to take on voluminous task and complete these to schedules

Florida Data Entry already has a proven track record of exemplary services in data conversion, online data entry services, offline data entry, India web data entry services, insurance claims data entry, excel data entry and business data entry India based services that satisfy even the most demanding global clients. Our OCR conversion service follows the same high standards of excellence.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning and conversion saves a lot of time and effort. Despite sophisticated technologies and advanced software, there is always margin of error due to complexities of language. This is where our expertise makes an outstanding difference. Our dedicated staff checks and rechecks in minute detail to assure over 99.5% accuracy in the converted output. We have high speed scanning equipment’s to process books, technical journals and even have ICR facilities to handle hand written texts. Output can be in PDF Form, word document or any text format of your choice. If you like we can entirely reformat text to minimize further process at your end and to let you use the document straightaway, saving time and expense. If you have scanned text in the form of image and would like it converted to editable text, you only have to send across such images for conversion at the right price. We have even converted text images taken with digital cameras and delivered accurate electronic text.

Florida Data Entry serves global organizations with a variety of Indian data entry services, back office services and business data entry in addition to other related data processing and data conversion services of the highest order but at a fraction of the locally prevailing costs for such exceptionally high quality services. We aim at building long term relationships through extreme satisfaction guaranteed by our high quality offshore data entry India based services. We are proud of the fact that our data processing and OCR conversion services have helped our clients achieve operational efficiencies and cost advantages in a competitive market. Why not try it out and see the difference we make?

The availability of high end OCR software does guarantee accuracy but due to the nuances of language, there is never guarantee of cent per cent accuracy in converted text. We offer OCR conversion not only in English but also other languages and in each instance, each document is proof read, compared and edited. You can trust us for reliable OCR conversion services. As in any other area of our operations like excel data entry or XML data entry, we are fanatic about accuracy of data. Despite world class quality, our prices are affordable and backed by our full support available 24x7. If you want lowest priced yet highly reliable OCR conversion, this is your source. Tap it.

OCR Conversion Services

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