Outsourcing has become the biggest boon of the decade. Even though many IT companies used to outsource supporting jobs to 3rd parties, outsourcing IT jobs that are less aligned with the organizational goals have become very common these days. Particularly, with many 3rd world countries having abundantly knowledgeable resources, outsourcing important work has become the most cost-effective and time-saving option for many organizations.

What are outsourced?

Data entry is the number one of the outsourced jobs in the IT sector. With most of the organizations planning to go digital, entering their information in books and papers into the required digital format has become a cumbersome job. It is essential to the successful implementation of digitization in the organization but they may not have the right resources and enough time to complete the work efficiently. That’s one reason organizations tend to outsource data entry jobs to experts who have experience and expertise in data entry for various industries. They have the process and resources required to get the job done within the specified time.

Another trending field for outsourcing is data processing which is related to data entry. While data entry only takes care of entering the information, data processing services make sure that the input information is processed and presented in understandable formats to the managers to make sense of the available information. Jobs such as insurance claim processing, patient information processing, image processing, survey processing, and check processing are increasingly being outsourced for accuracy, reducing the risks, for on-time completion.

Data conversion is another aspect of outsourcing. Converting the document images and text into usable digital text or numbers can be extremely helpful for processing the same. Sometimes the physical versions need to be converted into digital version by scanning or inputting the same and storing in a particular format. To make this digital data more usable for processing, it may have to be converted into a feasible format which is recognized by the software being used. Text, PDF, image, Document, OCR, and XML conversions are outsourced these days to make sure the experts do it and make the most of the information available.

Document conversion is another aspect of outsourcing which is further scrutinizing the information stored in the documents and converts it into a format which is accepted by the software or made available in a further usable format. Alignment, standardization, and indexing are a part of document conversion.

Data mining is a cumbersome job which requires experts in the field to work on. Organizations get crucial information on products, customer behavior, market position, stock information, and much more with data mining. Data mining has to be done by industry experts and hence is outsourced. The stock market, e-commerce, and marketing fields make the most of the information received by data mining.

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Why Outsource?

The idea is basic – get the job done in the most cost-effect manner, accurately and within the target time. The organizations have to either outsource or recruit fresh talents to carry out the above-mentioned work. If they utilize their existing workforce for this additional work, it will affect their currently assigned work. Recruitments are time-consuming and expensive. So the best option is to outsource to a reputed and experienced outsourcing partner.

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